Wednesday, 9 April 2014

While staying in Guernsey at the Albany Apartments check out Guernseys beautiful beaches. Here is five of them described below... There are plenty more to also discover.

Technically these are two separate beaches, but since only a line of rock down the middle separates them, the adventures of a summer day often overlap between the two. Both of the beaches are easily accessible, with plenty of parking, both have beach kiosks, and Pembroke is also home to the Beach House restaurant. Combine this with the wide sandy beaches, great spots for rock pooling, and the beautiful blue waters, and you will find yourself with all of the ingredients you need for a fun family day out at the beach. Just remember to pack your bucket and spade!

Out on the west coast you will find Cobo Bay, a place where plenty of childhood memories were forged for the residents of Guernsey. With all of the amenities above, as well as The Rockmount pub for mum and dad to relax and have a drink, Cobo Bay Hotel for a convenient and pleasant stay, and the famed Cobo Fish Bar where many an evening has been spent on the sea wall with a bag of chips whilst watching the sun go down as you're sat wrapped up in your towel. The beach has plenty of parking nearby, as well as being served regularly by the buses for ease of access.
Just under a mile south of Cobo is the wonderful Vazon Bay, the island's largest beach. Home to the Guernsey Surf School, Vazon is Guernsey's resident surf beach, with a designated area towards the southern end of the bay. Being nearly a mile and a half in length means you will be hard pressed not to find plenty of space in which to set your towels out. Vazon is home to Vistas Beach Café, which was newly opened in late 2012, where you can sit and while away the day as the kids play on the beach. Across the road is Crabby Jack's, another of Guernsey's family favourite restaurants, which is great for dinner or lunch having come straight off the beach.
Port Soif
Up the coast from Cobo Bay is Port Soif, which can be easily identified by its distinct horseshoe shaped sandy beach. With excellent water quality, and sheltered due to its curved shape, Port Soif is an excellent let-the-kids-play-on-the-sand beach, leaving mum and dad to bask in the sun for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Surrounding the beach are some glorious dunes, full of rare and exciting plants and birds. Mix this in with the rock pools on the beach and the kids will have a full day of fun and exploration. A café is available beachside for drinks and refreshments throughout the day.

The final beach on our list is Rocquaine Bay. Located towards the south west of the island, Rocquaine is a more secluded, peaceful beach than some of the others on our list, making it a perfect place to spend a quiet day together as a family. Easily seen from the beach is Fort Grey, where you can visit the Shipwreck Museum as a great break from the midday sun, and to the south is Portelet beach, which has a lovely beach kiosk for some refreshments, or The Imperial Inn for a great meal after your day at the beach.

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