Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Other Island Nick Names

Heres some of the other nicknames of our sister Islands.. Maybe you could hop on a day trip and visit these Islands while enjoying your stay with us here at The Albany Self Catering Apartments...........


Jersey : Crapauds (Toads)

"Lé Bouân Crapaud" - Toad on a Pole Statue in St Helier
Jerseymen are traditionally called ‘crapauds’ or toads. Jersey was the last Channel Island to be cut off after the Ice Age so the common toad occurs only here, which is the most likely reason that the Jersey people are known colloquially as ‘crapauds’, using the Jèrriais. However there are plenty of other more colourful and apocryphal stories around.
According to a Guernsey legend, St Samson of Dol arrived in Jersey but encountered such a hostile reception in the then-pagan island that he moved on to Guernsey. The welcome being much warmer in Guernsey, he repaid the inhabitants of that island by sending all the snakes and toads from Guernsey to Jersey.
There is another entirely different theory, and that is that the name does not originally derive direct from the French for toad, but from ‘de Crapoudoit’, the name for one of the three districts into which Jersey was divided for administrative purposes back in the 12th Century.
As far as the Guernseyman is concerned the English pronunciation of this French word adds an extra derogatory spark to the term used to refer to the Jerseyman.

Alderney : Vaques (Cows) or Lapins (Rabbits)

Alderney people are traditionally nicknamed ‘vaques’ after the cows, or else ‘lapins’ after the many rabbits seen in the island. The island is especially noted for its warrens.

Sark : Corbins (Crows)

The Sercquiais are referred to as ‘corbins’ or crows. The origin is down to the fact that many crows can clearly be seen from the sea along the island’s coast.

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