Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Albany Apartments are having some very special little handmade Donkeys delivered soon to spend time with some of the children that come and stay with us... Photos will follow and the chance to help us name them!!??

Heres a little note as to why Guernsey people are renowned as Donkeys....

Guernsey : Les ânes (Donkeys)

May 1945 :The Guernsey Donkey says goodbye to an unwelcome visitor
Guernseymen are traditionally called ‘├ónes’ or donkeys. The exact origin is hard to pin down however there are several explanations commonly offered.
One is that donkey is appropriate for the general stubbornness of the Guernseyman although Guernsey people claim it is a symbol of their strength of character.
Another is that it was said that if a Guernseyman got to the age of 25 and was still single and hadn’t been to London, his friends called him a donkey.
Finally there is a theory that donkeys were in more common use than in the other islands due to the steepness of St. Peter Port streets.
There were even specific nicknames for 9 of the island’s parishes. St Peter Port : cllichards (spitters, because of their affected way of speaking); St Sampson’s : roines (frogs); Vale : ann’tons (cockchafers); Castel : ane-pur-sangs, (pure-blooded-donkeys); St Saviour’s : fouormilliaons (ants); St Peter’s : etcherbots (beetles); Forest : bourdons (drones); St Martin’s : cravants (ray fish); St Andrew’s : les croinchons (the siftings).

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