Thursday, 26 June 2014

Visited the Victorian Shop and Parlour today... how lovely and quaint it is, a must to see , a short walk from the Albany Apartments

26 Cornet Street is probably the earliest remaining complete building within the Town's medieval boundaries. The National Trust of Guernsey has restored this exquisite 18th century house as a Victorian shop and parlour. Enter into a bygone age where sweets come from jars and are measured in pounds and ounces. A great attraction is the Heritage Seeds. These are very popular, as they are old type cottage garden and vegetable seeds. Also, on sale are a selection of gifts, souvenirs and confectionery. The parlour and working gaslights with their fragile mantles are also memories of a bygone age.

Admission: Free Admission
Opening: Open April - September: Tuesday - Saturday. Limited opening during December for Christmas shopping.
Perry's guide reference: Town Map L8

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