Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Albany Apartment suggests surfing
Perelle Bay
Best suited to the most experienced of surfers, this bay provides a world-class reef that produces a short right-handed and a long left-breaking wave over shallow rocks.
As the reef is approximately 200 metres offshore the best conditions to surf there is when there is little or no wind.
The Big Peak
Absolutely only recommended for the most experienced surfer. This spot can only be accessed by a 25 minute paddle. It is an offshore reef that breaks on a slab so it is not for the faint hearted!
The South Coast
The eastern end of Petit Bot Bay and Moulin Huet Bay can provide surfable waves in storm surf with both breaks offering some protection from westerly winds.
You know where to surf, but where can you go for equipment?
We've already mentioned Guernsey Surf School where you can hire equipment and Yak Wax Surf Shop where you can hire or buy everything you will need to go surfing but if you are looking for more shops where you can buy surf clothing or equipment you could try:
Freedom Guernsey - located at L'Islet Crossroads. It offers surf clothing from the popular brands as well as everything you will need to go surfing or kayaking.
Sail or Surf - based in the popular shopping precinct of the Commercial Arcade, St Peter Port, you can buy boarding hardware, wetsuits and clothes.
To find out more about getting to Guernsey, go to our Getting Here page.

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