Wednesday, 17 June 2015 hapning oHARBOUR CARNIVALn the night

Duck Races - Victoria Marina
The start of the Little Duck race is a spectacle in itself as 4000 mini ducks are suspended in a bag between the pier heads and then set free to fall in to the incoming tide and race to see whole can get the furthest.
Look out for: 
Amazing decorated ducks
The odd Round Table member falling foul of the incoming tide and getting very wet.

Ladies Dinghy Race - Victoria MarinaTeams of ladies compete for a coveted prize by paddling a dinghy containing four of their team across the mouth of the marina, there they pick up two additional competitors and return to the starting point.
The twist with this event is that no oars are permitted and all participants must remain in the boat, no easy feat when you've 6 people frantically paddling a small inflatable dingy.
Look out for: 
Fancy dress

Raft Races - Careening Hard
Teams of six race their made-made raft from Shale beach to a buoy and back.
Look out for:
Poorly made rafts disintegrating around their passengers
Guernsey Fire Service hosing down the competitors from the side lines.

Tug of war - Victoria Marina (Albert Pier side)
Two teams participate in this traditional event, with the twist that they are side by side, not opposing one another. The rope goes across the mouth of the harbour with a pulley on the other side. The losing team is the one that ends the bout by falling into the harbour.
Look out for:
Some very wet builders and scaffolders

Man-Powered Flight - Victoria Marina
Man-powered flight where members of the public attempt to pilot their homemade flying machines the furthest distance.
Challengers are very much encouraged to enter into the spirit of the occasion and wear whatever fancy dress or costume they feel appropriate.
Look out for:
Guernsey Round Table's particularly special entry.

Tombola - Crown Pier
Your chance to win a wide selection of prizes including plenty of the much loved Guernsey Teddies

Kids Zone - Albert Pier
Get the kids to burn off all that energy on the bouncy castles and inflatable slides.

Food and Drink
Pick from a wide selection of food and drink stands. Fear not, no one goes hungry at Harbour Carnival

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