Thursday, 6 August 2015

Before you pack...Read this!

It pays to travel light, but achieving packing perfection is easier said than done.

If your suitcase is bursting to the seams with bikinis, beach towels, toiletries, and clothes…STOP!
Remove the beach towels, shampoo, conditioner, bath gels, and toothpaste because at The Albany Self Catering Apartments, in addition to bath towels, we provide beach and pool towels PLUS full size toiletries.
Your apartment will be fully equipped with towels, washing up liquid, and a wide array of cooking utensils and you just need to ask if you require a cosy throw or house slippers

Now that you know you can concentrate on the essentials, here are a few packing tips…

Don't pack it, wear it!  Jeans and jumpers are heavy and shoes take up a lot of suitcase space so wear the bulkiest items of clothing and heaviest pair of shoes on the journey. 

Dress it up or down ... Sundresses go from day to night with a simple change of shoes. Wear flip-flops during the day and flat, strappy sandals at night. 

Leave the heels behind... Guernsey is great for walking so choose comfortable, flat, shoes.

Roll don’t fold. Rolling helps prevents wrinkles and enables you to fit more into your suitcase.

Keep it chilled out... casual, comfortable clothes are perfect for Guernsey.

The last word...books are heavy so only bring one for the flight because we have a wide selection of books for you to choose from and if you don’t finish it before you go, you are free to take it home with our compliments!

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