Wednesday, 9 September 2015

But for for those who want to see some of them up close and meet the people who work with them, there is a ‘Meet the Pilots’ event today.
As well as speaking to the pilots, there will be a range of aircraft and vehicles including a P51 Mustang, BAC Strikemaster, Team Wildcats and Team Raven, a Royal Navy Sea King helicopter and an airport fire truck on display.
This year’s air display will be dedicated to the memory of Lt-Governor Air Marshal Peter Walker, who died suddenly in the early hours of Sunday.
Meet the Pilots takes place between 2 and 5pm today. Parking is at Rue du Mont Marche. Those attending are asked not to use the airport car park.
(subject to change)
11am Battle of Britain Memorial Flight comprising the Spitfire, Hurricane and Dakota
11.17am Stearman PT17 Kaydet (Tom Lackey WingWalk Displays)
11.25am Aerosparx
11.36am T6 Texan
11.44am Team Raven
12.02pm Strikemaster/Pitts S2S formation
12.16pm Pitts S2S
12.29pm Wildcats 12.41pm P51D Mustang
12.54pm Red Arrows

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